If someone told you about a wealth building strategy that eliminated risk, gave you access to your money without penalties, and paid it all back to you free from taxes, would you be interested? Of course you would. 

This tax-free strategy does exist and has been only been around for about 15 years. The reason why you may have never heard of this is because many investors believe it is to good to be true. Also, this strategy is never discussed as an option on CNBC or written about in stock market publications.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        However, we at Income Flow Retirement Stage Planning, L.L.C. believe any retirement strategy that can fund your retirement annually with tens of thousands tax-free dollars like clockwork is worth considering. In fact, Income Flow considers this to be one of the most exciting, important wealth building strategies you may ever come across. 

Many investors think the only way to create wealth over time is take a certain level risk. "No risk, no reward" is the phrase. This belief is now obsolete and should be reevaluated. The problem is risk level changes over time and is almost impossible to measure until it is to late. For example, prior to 2008, most everyone was comfortable with risk because the market was consistently positive. But, post 2008 the true risk level emerged and we all jumped ship. Since then, we are  all still trying to figure out just exactly what is risk and is it really essential. 

In contrast, Income Flow  teaches good financial planning does not come in taking risk, the excitement comes on learning how to avoid risk. Your retirement and your families’ financial future do not deserve a level of risk that can steal your future. 

Consider what Warren Buffet said on CNBC recently in May of 2013:

     “We will have a bubble, and it will burst. It won’t be the same as the last one. That’s been the history. You don’t  have one internet bubble after another. You have the housing bubble after the internet bubble”

This simply means it is human nature to ‘forgive and forget’ every last market correction so long as the new market can provide a promise of higher returns. This is a serious mistake that can and has robbed many people of successful retirements. 
Income Flow Retirement Stage Planning teaches the ‘win by not losing’ philosophy. We do not believe you need to come up with hundreds of extra dollars. Rather, this is about redistributing what you are already earning. This redistribution coupled with the elimination of risk strategy actually has survived and endured no matter what market correction is going on. 

The bottom is line you work hard for you money and your family depends on it. And all you want to do is save your money and grow it responsibly for a long and happy retirement. Income Flow is dedicated to educating people who are serious about the commitment to save for retirement. 

If you believe this strategy may help your retirement, please complete the form on the Your Plan page. 

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